KT Cloud Lab, in collaboration with Elcore Cloud, successfully implemented AWS solutions to optimise their contact center using natural language processing (NLP) technologies that significantly improved the quality of Kazakh speech recognition, service and operational efficiency.

KT Cloud Lab is the leader of cloud technologies in Kazakhstan, specialising in providing comprehensive cloud solutions for businesses of all sizes. Partnering with Elcore Cloud, an official AWS Advanced Consulting Partner, KT Cloud Lab has expanded its capabilities with innovative AWS solutions, including sophisticated NLP services for natural language processing and analysis.

The main areas of work in the field of NLP include:

  • Text to Speech (TTS): Development of voice systems capable of transforming text data into clear and natural-sounding speech in the Kazakh language.
  • Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR): Uses advanced algorithms to convert spoken speech into text, streamlining customer interactions and improving overall service availability.
  • Large Language Models (LLM): Create and train large-scale models that can analyze, understand, and generate natural language, providing deeper understanding of customer queries.
  • Generative Artificial Intelligence (GenAI): Using generative models to create new text data and responses that are highly tailored to users’ needs and preferences.

What tasks and goals did KT Cloud Lab have?

The main target of the project was to improve the quality and speed of service in the KT Cloud Lab contact center, with a special emphasis on support and recognition of the Kazakh language. Main goals included:

  • Development and integration of an automatic speech and text-to-speech recognition system.
  • Increasing the accuracy and speed of processing client requests.
  • Reducing customer service costs through automation.

What solutions and technologies were used?

Elcore Cloud provided KT Cloud Lab with consulting services to select and configure appropriate AWS services, including Amazon Lex and Amazon Polly to implement TTS and ASR functionality. This has significantly improved customer interaction, providing a clear understanding of their needs and a more natural response from the system.

What have they achieved?

The implementation of NLP technologies allowed KT Cloud Lab to achieve the following results:

  • Improve the customer experience by processing requests quickly and accurately.
  • Reduced response time to customer requests, which increased overall customer satisfaction.
  • Savings in maintenance costs by reducing the need for human intervention.

The effective implementation of AWS in the processes of KT Cloud Lab was made possible thanks to the deep expertise and professional approach of both teams, both KT Cloud Lab and ours – Elcore Cloud. In fact, we do not just implement cloud technologies, but adapt them to the specific business tasks of our clients , this approach always ensures maximum efficiency and significant cost reduction,” – Alexander Fomin, AWS team lead at Elcore Cloud.

The KT Cloud Lab project demonstrates how modern AWS cloud solutions and a partnership with Elcore Cloud can transform the customer experience, making it more efficient and cost-effective. This is an example of a successful transformation aimed at creating a more inclusive and accessible digital space for all users.


Elcore Cloud is a multi-cloud provider and an official AWS Advanced Consulting Partner with a team of certified AWS Pro level specialists, providing consulting, migration and integration services for cloud solutions for companies of all sizes.

KT Cloud Lab is the leading cloud provider in Kazakhstan and the country’s largest outsourcing contact center. Our mission is to provide innovative and reliable cloud solutions for businesses of all sizes. With KT Cloud Lab, you not only get future-proof technology, but also full support every step of your cloud journey.

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