Building and modernisation of cloud infrastructure

Google Cloud

Google Cloud allows you to work with various computing and hosting tools. It is possible to choose a managed application platform using container technologies for greater flexibility or create your own cloud infrastructure with maximum control. With this solution, on the one hand, you have ample opportunities for independent resource management, and on the other hand, Google can take over all infrastructure management.


Infrastructure optimization

Are you planning an infrastructure transfer or data migration from on-premise infrastructure to the cloud or from one cloud to another? Migration of company data, corporate services and files, including turnkey settings and full training for administrators and users.



Need help with your cloud strategy, cost optimization and training? We will help you. Enjoy a no-strings-attached service with a dedicated technical account manager who will be by your side throughout your journey to help you take full advantage of Google Cloud.

Amazon Web Services

AWS provides a flexible IT infrastructure without the need to purchase expensive server hardware or deploy a virtualization platform without a staff of highly specialized professionals. The infrastructure itself in the cloud has the ability to grow dynamically along with the business, and, if necessary, can be collapsed at any time.

Microsoft Azure

Maximize the return on short- and long-term IT investments. With cloud services that are highly secure, available, and scalable, Azure IaaS enables you to innovate, modernize your IT solutions, and securely migrate your applications using enterprise-class cloud infrastructure.

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