What is the Microsoft CSP model

Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) – this is a modern business model that will allow you to offer cloud services to customers on a subscriber basis, paying only for the actual use of services (including software) monthly.

Thanks to the Elcore Cloud platform, the partner is able to manage the subscriptions of their customers, as well as their additional services through the creation of their own platform based on Elcore Cloud without significant investment in developing and customizing their own platform!

Why choose ELCORE?
Benefits for your business
Benefits for your customers

Why choose ELCORE?

What do you get cooperating with us:

  • Elcore Cloud’s ready-made trading platform for the rapid launch of CSP business
  • Unified marketplace for Microsoft products, other manufacturers, as well as your own services
  • contract with a local distributor
  • additional discount for all Microsoft online services from our company
  • stability — the cost of licenses is fixed for a year
  • technical, marketing, pre-sales and consulting support for all services.

Benefits for your business

Through the platform Elcore Cloud, you can officially sell the popular online Microsoft services , as well as:

  • to bandage services from different providers with their own services, adding services for: migration, tech. support, adding additional users, etc.
  • add to your sales area new online services from global manufacturers — at own discretion or as a response to customer requests
  • meet the individual needs of customers, offering them a comprehensive solution in the format of «one-stop service»
  • Scale your business by automating sales, cross-selling and support
  • Develop efficiently, without purchasing equipment and large investing in developing and supporting new services
  • to receive Microsoft’s rebates in the amount of 15-59%

Benefits for your customers

Working through you with services on the Elcore Cloud platform, your customers receive:

  • modern cloud services that confidently displace desktop installations
  • a convenient platform for subscribing to the Microsoft services they are interested in
  • the ability to use several solutions from different developers within the same platform
  • the opportunity to switch from direct contact with distributors to a convenient scheme of mutual settlements with accounting documents needed and non-cash monthly or annual payment as per consumption of services with «pay as you go» principle
How to cooperate with us

Broad target audience

  • System integrators and software vendors;
  • Hosting partners and ISV;
  • Internet providers;
  • Telecom and mobile operators

No risks

  • To start, you just need to develop a cloud business!
  • The amount of investment you determine yourself
  • Obligations on the volume of sales — no!
  • Monetary investments and special competencies are not required!

Simple design

  • Step 1: Sign the contract
  • Step 2: You get access to the billing system
  • Step 3: Determine the set of services you are interested in
  • Step 4: You can start selling!

Convenient interaction

  • The subscription price is fixed for 12 months
  • The invoice is issued monthly
  • You can change the number of users in the subscription
  • You can switch from other Microsoft programs — for example, Direct or Open
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