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Building and modernisation of cloud infrastructure

Need help building or upgrading your cloud infrastructure? We work with all the popular cloud providers and can help you choose the best scenario as you build or enhance your cloud infrastructure to suit your needs. And we will be by your side throughout your entire journey - from the beginning of the project to obtaining the desired result and will provide support after the project is completed so that you can use the capabilities of the cloud environment to the maximum.

Using a hybrid cloud

Do you want to diversify risks and get the most optimal model of IT service consumption? A hybrid cloud is a combination of local infrastructure with external resources or public cloud services, such as Google Cloud Platform (GCP), Amazon Web Services (AWS), or Microsoft Azure. Without binding to a cloud service provider, with simple management, security, fault tolerance and full transparency for the user.


Are you planning an infrastructure transfer or data migration from on-premise infrastructure to the cloud or from one cloud to another? Migration of company data, corporate services and files, including turnkey settings and full training for administrators and users.


Already using or want to switch to cloud services? We will help with training for administrators (basic/advanced course, security, device and application management) and users directly (basic or advanced course).

Training of administrators

basic/advanced courses, security, device management

User training

basic/advanced courses