Your cloud explorer

Empower your educational journey with our comprehensive services. From seamless migration to Google Workspace, including full training and turnkey setup, to becoming a proficient ‘Remote Administrator’- we’ve got you covered. Explore the vast capabilities of Google Cloud Platform with our consultations, training sessions, and on-demand support. Additionally, leverage our expertise in designing, developing, and implementing private and hybrid clouds based on Nutanix technology. Whether modernizing IT infrastructure or migrating services to the cloud, trust us to deliver a smooth and efficient experience.

  • Migration to Google Workspace from other systems (including full training, turnkey setup)
  • Transferring mail, calendar, contacts from Exchange/Office 365
  • Transfer client files using built-in or third-party programs
  • Administrator training (basic/advanced courses, security, device management)
  • User training (basic/advanced courses)
  • “Remote Administrator” Google Workspace
  • Application development based on Google Workspace Apps Script + AppSheet
  • Consultations and first setup of Google Cloud Platform
  • Training on basic GCP capabilities
  • Support on request

  • Design/development of the architecture for private and hybrid clouds based on Nutanix
  • Construction/Implementation/Modernization of IT infrastructure (private and hybrid cloud) using Nutanix technologies
  • Design/development and implementation of file and object data storage services based on Nutanix
  • Design/development and implementation of a database management system as a service based on Nutanix
  • Training engineers to use and maintain the Nutanix-based cloud
  • Migration of services to the cloud based on Nutanix

Consultation required