Microsoft Azure

Microsoft Azure IaaS is a powerful platform from one of the market leaders, which has a wide range of services for hosting any business applications. Microsoft IaaS will help to avoid costs and warehouse purchases, management of own physical servers and other infrastructure data centers. Each resource is offered as a separate service component that can be rented as needed.

Amazon Web Services

AWS provides a flexible IT infrastructure without the need to purchase expensive server equipment and deploy a virtualization platform without having a staff of highly specialized professionals. The infrastructure itself in the cloud has the ability to dynamically grow with the business, and can be collapsed at any moment if necessary.

Google Cloud

Google Cloud provides the opportunity to work with various tools for computing and hosting. It is possible to choose a managed application platform, using container technologies for greater flexibility, or to create your own cloud infrastructure, which is maximally controlled. With this solution, on the one hand, you have wide opportunities for independent management of resources, and on the other hand, Google can take over the entire management of the infrastructure.