Connected Sheets is a business intelligence solution that lets you analyze billions of rows of data from BigQuery right in the familiar Google Sheets interface. With Connected Sheets, you overcome the limitations of traditional spreadsheets and legacy BI solutions to meet your growing data demands.

Key benefits of Connected Sheets:

Quick access to analytical data without knowledge of SQL
Live communication for real-time data updates
Self-service for all employees using a familiar interface
Save time by automatically updating your dashboards
Enterprise-grade security for collaboration
Connected Sheets consists of Google Sheets, BigQuery and/or Looker. Create interactive data dashboards in Sheets connected to BigQuery using metrics from Looker. If the data is not stored in BigQuery, Looker supports 60+ databases.

Features of Connected Sheets components:


Process billions of complex queries per second to analyze petabytes of data
“BigLake” – engine for storing data in lake format
Cross-platform support for cloud analytics

Google Sheets:

Data-driven decision making for all employees
Google Slides integration and smart chips for efficiency


Standardize metrics across the organization
Development tools for complex tasks
Unified semantic model to reduce analyst workload
Start using Connected Sheets to quickly gain analytical insights from big data using the tools you already know. Overcome limitations and simplify data-driven decision making.

Consultation required