Google Cloud and Broadcom Inc. have announced plans to support license portability of VMware Cloud Foundation to Google Cloud VMware Engine. This groundbreaking collaboration will enable customers to seamlessly migrate their VMware workloads to the cloud while retaining their existing software investments.

Under this agreement, customers will be able to purchase subscriptions of the new VMware Cloud Foundation software from Broadcom and flexibly use those subscriptions in Google Cloud VMware Engine, as well as their own on-premises data centers. This level of flexibility empowers organizations to optimize their IT environments according to their specific needs and workload requirements.

Key Benefits:

1. License Portability: Customers retain the rights to their software subscriptions when deploying VMware Cloud Foundation on Google Cloud VMware Engine, allowing them to move their subscriptions between supported environments as desired.

2. Streamlined Migration: The partnership simplifies the migration process, enabling customers to leverage their existing VMware investments while taking advantage of the scalability, security, and advanced capabilities of Google Cloud.

3. Cost-Effective Transformation: By eliminating the need to purchase new licenses, organizations can accelerate their digital transformation initiatives while optimizing costs and maximizing the value of their existing investments.

Google Cloud’s Commitment:
“Google Cloud remains committed to improving the simplicity and cost-effectiveness of our customers’ cloud migration and digital transformation initiatives,” said Mark Lohmeyer, vice president and general manager, Compute and ML Infrastructure at Google Cloud. “Through this model, our customers can realize the unique benefits of Google Cloud VMware Engine, such as four 9’s cluster-level uptime, deeply integrated networking, and a unified Google experience along with the full portfolio of Google Cloud services across AI/ML, data analytics, security, and more.”

The Future of Cloud Migration:
This collaboration between Google Cloud and Broadcom represents a significant milestone in the cloud migration journey for enterprises. By addressing the challenges of software licensing and enabling seamless workload mobility, businesses can now embrace the cloud with confidence, leveraging the scalability, security, and advanced capabilities of Google Cloud VMware Engine while preserving their existing investments.

As the demand for cloud solutions continues to grow, partnerships like this one pave the way for a more streamlined and cost-effective digital transformation, empowering organizations to innovate and thrive in the ever-evolving technological landscape.

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